Price Chopper

Vehicle Charger Installed at Binghamton Supermarket
Electric vehicle owners now have an opportunity to get a free "fill-up" when they are shopping at a Binghamton supermarket.
A two-vehicle charging station has been installed at the Price Chopper store on Glenwood Avenue.
Price Chopper spokesman Joe Berman said 18 electric vehicle cha…
Price Chopper Chops Size Of Paper Bags
Some shoppers at a major supermarket chain may be doing a double-take if they ask for paper bags these days.
Schenectady-based Price Chopper has reduced the size of the paper bags it uses in its stores. The smaller bags (designated as 1/7 BBL instead of 1/6 BBL) began showing up in Price Chopper stor…
Binghamton Woman Charged After Police Receive Tips
Endicott police have arrested a woman in connection with the theft of a debit card that was left behind by a person at a supermarket ATM.
Investigators say 55-year-old Dianne Nwokolo of Park Street, Binghamton, has been charged with felony possession of stolen property...

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