Moody's Investors Service

Audit Shows Growth In Binghamton Reserve Fund
Binghamton Mayor Matthew Ryan says the city's fund balances have risen to a "healthy level."
The mayor today discussed portions of an audit that have been made public. The independent review of the city's finances indicated the general fund reserve increased from about $21…
Binghamton Short-Term Debt Rating Upgraded
Moody's Investors Service has upgraded its rating on the City of Binghamton's short-term debt.
The ratings service Monday also announced it has changed its outlook for Binghamton to "stable."
Moody's in January downgraded the rating on the city's long-term general…
Ryan: Binghamton Audit Not Ready Yet
Audit information being sought from the city of Binghamton by Moody's Investors Service still isn't available. But Mayor Matthew Ryan says he expects it should be ready soon.
Binghamton's credit rating took a hit in January when the major ratings service announced a downgrade, criticiz…