Matthew Ryan

Mayor Ryan Among Demonstrators At ‘Promised Land’ Movie
Binghamton Mayor Matthew Ryan and other demonstrators gathered outside the Regal Movie Theaters on Friday night following the opening of the movie about hydrofracking called "Promised Land."
The demonstrators say the film helps to point out the hazards associated with high volume ho…
Ryan Joins U.S. Mayors Calling For Action on Guns
Binghamton Mayor Matthew Ryan is one of several hundred mayors from across the United States who today called on President Obama to take steps to address gun-related issues in the aftermath of the Connecticut school shooting.
Ryan is a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns...
David: City Hall Financial Controls Should Be Reviewed
A former Binghamton mayoral candidate who may seek the office next year is calling for better oversight of city employees following a series of thefts.
Richard David says it's time for the city to hire an internal auditor to identify deficiencies in systems that are supposed to prevent stealing …
Ryan: I Was Invited to Binghamton Pro-Fracking Event
Binghamton mayor Matthew Ryan says a website's report claiming he showed up uninvited to a forum about natural gas development is wrong.
A blog posted on the Energy In Depth site reported "Ryan thought it was his right to be there and so he decided to crash it...
Binghamton Mayor Says Car Cash Is Justified
Mayor Matthew Ryan says he's a "little upset" by some of the criticism he's heard about his request for a stipend in lieu of being provided with a city vehicle.
Ryan wants city council to approve a $5,000 payment, noting he hasn't utilized a car provided by the city w…
Libous: No Word From Ethics Panel on Ryan Complaint
New York State Senator Thomas Libous says he has not been informed by the Joint Commission on Public Ethics about the status of a complaint filed last spring.
Binghamton mayor Matthew Ryan told reporters April 16 he was mailing a formal complaint to the ethics panel seeking a review of possible influ…
Binghamton Plans More Tests on Susquehanna River Water
No chemical contamination related to fracking activity in Pennsylvania has been detected in the river that's used as a source for the city of Binghamton's drinking water.
Mayor Matthew Ryan says test results conducted on samples from the Susquehanna River revealed no pollution problems that…
Binghamton Mayor Supports Legalization of Marijuana
Binghamton mayor Matthew Ryan says he favors marijuana legalization.
The issue was brought up Tuesday by a caller to WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program.
The caller asked Ryan whether he was for the legalization of marijuana.
After a chuckle, the mayor paused and responded: "Yes, I am...

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