Humane Society

Dog Owners Urged To Protect Pets From Bitter Cold
While some dogs seem to despise the snow, some canines actually enjoy winter and the opportunity to frolic outdoors.
But animal experts advise owners to be certain their dogs are protected from extreme weather conditions.
Representatives of the Binghamton Animal Clinic in Johnson City and the Owego Ve…
Binghamton Humane Society May Have A Dog For You
There are plenty of dogs and cats available for adoption at The Humane Society in Binghamton.
Laura Melville brought Charlie, a Jack Russell terrier, with her to WNBF's Binghamton Now studio Monday morning.
Charlie, who is believed to be about two years old, has been available for adoption f…
Your Empties Can Help Binghamton Shelter Dogs
If you have a lot of empty cans and bottles after watching TV Sunday night, you may be able to put them to good use.
The Humane Society in Binghamton has a can and bottle drive contest this week. People who drop off a bag of returnable containers during the society's office hours will be entered…
Name-Your-Price Pet Adoptions in Binghamton
The Humane Society in Binghamton has dozens of cats and dogs in its shelter waiting to be adopted.
For the next few weeks, area residents who would like to provide a safe home for one of these animals may benefit from a price-break on the usual adoption fee...