Four Waverly Students Charged After Assualt, Hazing
Four boys face criminal charges after reported assault and hazing-type incidents at Waverly Middle School.
Authorities say the boys range in age from twelve to fifteen. The oldest youth was charged with five counts of forcible touching and two counts of unlawful imprisonment...
Binghamton University Investigating Hazing Complaints
Binghamton University officials are looking into a new round of hazing allegations.
The Binghamton Delta Chi fraternity chapter has had its charter suspended indefinitely by Delta Chi International, according to the university.
Officials say the Office of Student Conduct investigated allegations of po…
Stenger Reacts to Frat, Sorority Report
First semester students should not be allowed to join a fraternity or a sorority. That's the view of Binghamton University president Harvey Stenger.
A report released by the Fraternity and Sorority Coalition Project recommended students should be allowed to join the groups in the first semester …
Binghamton University President: Hazing Must Stop
Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger says most of the quotes in recent news stories about hazing involving Binghamton students included quotes that were "taken out of context, second-hand and anonymous."
Stenger today released a letter addressed to students, faculty, staff…
Binghamton University Student: I Was Waterboarded
Hazing allegations involving Binghamton University students are examined in a front page story in Wednesday's New York Times.
The piece by Peter Applebome follows up on the hazing scandal during the past school year that prompted a suspension of pledging activities for all fraternities and soror…