fire investigation

Binghamton School Fire Linked to Smoking
Fire investigators believe a spectacular two-alarm blaze at a city school happened after roofing workers took a smoke break.
Thursday afternoon's fire at East Middle School on East Frederick Street generated a giant plume of dark black smoke that was visible for miles...
Cause of Binghamton House Fire Determined
Binghamton fire department officials have concluded their investigation into a blaze that damage a one-family home on the East Side.
City fire marshal Daniel Eggleston said the May 13 fire at 15 Howard Avenue has been ruled accidental...
Investigators Determine Cause of Binghamton Fire
Authorities say they now know how an fire in an apartment complex on Binghamton's West Side started.
Investigators have concluded the blaze that ripped through the three-story brick building at 1 Mather Street was accidental.
City fire marshal Daniel Eggleston said the fire was ignited by a bathr…
Cause of Binghamton Store Fire Determined
Fire investigators have ruled a blaze at a business on Binghamton's South Side "accidental."
The fire that caused heavy damage to the Family Dollar store on Vestal Avenue was started as a result of an electrical outlet failure.

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