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Tesla Drivers Have A Reason to Stop in Binghamton
An eight-unit Tesla Supercharger that opened in Broome County already is proving popular with owners of the all-electric vehicles.
The high-speed charging facility in the parking lot of the Spot Restaurant in the town of Chenango became operational less than three weeks ago...
Rapid Vehicle Charger Installed at Broome Restaurant
Electric car drivers traveling through Broome County soon will be able to stop at a diner just off Interstate 81 to grab something to eat while their vehicle is being recharged.
A Tesla Supercharger is being installed in the parking lot of the Spot Restaurant on Front Street in the town of Chenango, …
Binghamton May Push for More Vehicle Chargers
Binghamton city council may soon consider measures designed to increase the availability of electric vehicle charging stations.
Mayor Richard David said he will propose changes to the city zoning code to promote the installation of charging units...
Vehicle Charger Installed at Binghamton Supermarket
Electric vehicle owners now have an opportunity to get a free "fill-up" when they are shopping at a Binghamton supermarket.
A two-vehicle charging station has been installed at the Price Chopper store on Glenwood Avenue.
Price Chopper spokesman Joe Berman said 18 electric vehicle cha…