Drugs Found After Delaware County Traffic Stop
Authorities say a 53-year-old woman was sent to Delaware County Jail after police discovered marijuana, cocaine and heroin after she was pulled over for speeding on Route 17.
According to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office, 53-year-old Sonia Ramirez of the Bronx was stopped in the town of Hanc…
Woman Jailed After Driving 110 MPH on I-88
State police say a driver faces several charges after a vehicle was pulled over for traveling 110 miles per hour on Interstate 88 in Otsego County.
Authorities say 19-year-old Elizabeth Grace of Palm Beach, Florida, was arrested late Tuesday night in the town of Maryland...
Broome County Synthetic Marijuana Cases Soaring
The number of Broome County residents requiring hospital treatment after using synthetic marijuana has risen dramatically in recent days.
In one 70-minute period, five people in the county were sent to hospitals after smoking the drug known on the street as "spike...
Nursing Home Worker Accused of Stealing Drugs
A nurse has been arrested for allegedly taking narcotics from Southern Tier nursing home patients.
Authorities say 45-year-old Lisa Rumsmoke Clark was accused of diverting nearly 200 pills intended for residents at Elcor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Horseheads...
Two Arrested in Endicott Drug Raid
Police say two people were charged after cocaine and prescription drugs were found in an Endicott apartment.
Authorities say 30-year-old Krystle Roberts and 59-year-old David Singer were arrested Monday night.
Investigators say some crack cocaine and clonazepam pills were seized when a search warrant …
Drug Charges Follow Town of Chenango Traffic Stop
Two people face drug and weapon possession charges after a vehicle was pulled over for speeding in the town of Chenango.
Authorities say 19-year-old Avery Otis and 17-year-old David Chochishvili were arrested on Monday.
According to state police, the Chenango Forks residents were charged with criminal…
Cocaine Seized In Binghamton West Side Raid
Two Binghamton residents face drug-related charges after police confiscated cocaine from a West Side apartment.
Authorities say a search warrant was executed Monday night at 124 Beethoven Street.
Police reported seizing some crack and powder cocaine...
Heroin, Other Drugs Seized From Endicott Home
An Endicott man faces drug and weapon charges after a police raid at a village residence.
Authorities say 28-year-old Brett Seymour was sent to Broome County Jail after he was arraigned in Dickinson town court.
Investigators say more than three ounces of heroin and several other drugs were found when …
Drugs Found After Binghamton Traffic Stop
Two Binghamton men were arrested on drug-related charges following a traffic stop on the city's South Side.
Authorities say 21-year-old Jahcambi Anderson of Evans Street and 20-year-old Brandon Hernandez of Moeller Street were taken into custody Thursday night...
Police: Man Tried To Sell Hash To Drug Cops
Authorities say a shoeless man tried to sell hashish to a couple of detectives in a Binghamton restaurant parking lot.
Investigators say 30-year-old Brian Fitzgerald of Endicott wound up being charged with criminal sale of marijuana.
According to police, two Broome County special investigations unit t…

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