David Harder

Escapee David Sweat May Have Taken Survival Course
David Sweat, one of the two killers who escaped from a maximum-security state prison, may have had an important advantage in living in the North Country while on the run.
Sweat actually may have benefited from tips he learned from a prison wilderness survival course...
Broome Police on High Alert for Prison Escapees
Law enforcement agencies in the Binghamton area are keeping an eye out for David Sweat and Richard Matt, the convicted killers who escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility.
Broome County Sheriff David Harder said police have been interviewing "all possible people" who may have any inf…
Akshar to Become Broome County Undersheriff
Frederick Akshar has been named the next Broome County undersheriff.
Sheriff David Harder announced the appointment of Captain Akshar to the post, which has been held by Alex Minor for just over five years.
Minor last week said he was retiring as undersheriff, effective June 5...
Broome Sheriff: Body Cameras Gain Acceptance
The Broome County sheriff says the department's deputies appear to be comfortable utilizing newly-issued body cameras.
David Harder earlier this month announced the agency had acquired 35 cameras to record interactions between department personnel and the public...
Broome Sheriff Candidates In WNBF Radio Debate
Broome County Sheriff David Harder and his challenger, Binghamton Police Captain Christopher Bracco, discussed law enforcement issues during a "live" debate on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program.
Harder, the Republican incumbent, and Bracco, the Democratic challenger, were que…
Broome Will Seek More Military Surplus Equipment
The Broome County Sheriff's Office is expected to apply for additional military-style gear from the federal government.
Sheriff David Harder says he's been looking online to "see what's available."
Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program Friday, Harder said he is trying to find some …
Broome Sheriff’s Office Cars To Carry “Narcan”
Sixty Broome County Sheriff's Office vehicles soon will carry a medication that can help prevent heroin overdose deaths.
The drug naloxone is an opiate blocker that can avert overdose fatalities if it's promptly administered.
Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Sheriff Davi…
Broome Sheriff Running For Re-election
David Harder has been working for the Broome County Sheriff's Office for a half-century and he wants to continue.
The 71-year-old sheriff has announced he'll seek another four-year term.
Harder, who became the county sheriff in 1999, marked his fiftieth anniversary with the agency four weeks…