Court Street Gateway Project

Damage Toll Mounts At Binghamton Roundabout
Binghamton police have been investigating a series of incidents that have damaged lighting and posts at the downtown roundabout in recent weeks.
Several posts and other decorative features around the Court Street traffic circle have been knocked down since September...
Downtown Binghamton Roundabout: Three Years Later
The Court Street roundabout opened to downtown Binghamton traffic three years ago and it still poses some challenges to certain drivers.
While thousands of motorists and pedestrians pass through the intersection at Chenango and Exchange streets without incident every week, a few have encountered prob…
Supermarket Truck Damages Binghamton Roundabout
A tractor-trailer has caused thousands of dollars in damage to the downtown Binghamton roundabout.
The latest roundabout incident occurred last Thursday evening.
City engineer Philip Krey said a truck driver wanted to travel west on Court Street but was unable to do so because the street was closed in…
Binghamton Roundabout Fence Damaged By Truck
A tractor-trailer damaged decorative posts, bricks and a caution sign at the downtown Binghamton roundabout Tuesday afternoon.
The truck knocked down several posts at the northeast corner of Court and Chenango streets shortly after 1:00 p...
Driver Ignores Diagonal Parking Signs As Officer Issues Tickets
As a Binghamton parking enforcement officer was issuing tickets to violators on Court Street this afternoon, yet another motorist zipped across the opposite lane and drove right into one of the "back-in" spaces.
The new parking format was implemented as part of the Court Street Gate…
Downtown Binghamton Detour Due to Gas Leak
NYSEG crews this afternoon were working near the downtown Binghamton roundabout to repair a natural gas leak.
Chenango Street was closed to southbound traffic between Henry and Court streets. Chenango Street remained open to northbound traffic...
Downtown Binghamton Brightens with Green Grass in January
It's not a typical mid-winter scene in the Twin Tiers.
Courthouse Square in downtown Binghamton Tuesday afternoon appeared almost spring-like after the snow from two recent storms melted away.
The milder temperatures over the past weekend have given way to chillier conditions and forecasters said…
Downtown Binghamton Parking Rules Ignored By Many
The new diagonal "back-in" parking spaces on Court Street in downtown Binghamton are being routinely ignored by some drivers, more than three weeks after the pavement markings were completed.
One recent inspection of the spaces on Court between State and Washington streets showed fo…