A tractor-trailer has caused thousands of dollars in damage to the downtown Binghamton roundabout.

The latest roundabout incident occurred last Thursday evening.

City engineer Philip Krey said a truck driver wanted to travel west on Court Street but was unable to do so because the street was closed in preparation for July Fest.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Krey said the driver tried to maneuver the rig through the roundabout but "didn't do a very good job of negotiating around it."

Krey said the trailer went into the center planted area of the roundabout, taking out one sign, two accent lights, a large planter and the curbing, along with some plantings.

When he inspected the scene, Krey said he found it difficult to understand how it all happened.

The city engineer noted hundreds of trucks have used the roundabout since it opened last summer "with no trouble."

Krey said: "This was a head-scratcher, looking at the wheel tracks" and where the trailer ended up.

According to the police report, the trailer wound up with two flat tires on the driver's side.

Krey said the rig was registered to Golub Corporation, the Schenectady-based company that owns Price Chopper Supermarkets.

The engineer said the damage caused by the latest incident as well as damage that occurred in May will be repaired by the contractor that constructed the roundabout.

The city expects to be reimbursed by the owners of the truck that caused the damage.