New Yorkers who feel inclined to express their appreciation to the State Police during the holiday season are being advised that troopers can't legally accept gifts.

The agency is attempting to locate a woman who handed a trooper a holiday card containing one-thousand dollars in cash.

Authorites say as a trooper was completing work on a call in the town of Guilderland, northwest of Albany, a woman approached him and a conversation ensued.

According to the State Police, the woman said, "I always see you around, doing a good job and wanted to say Merry Christmas and thank you."

She handed the trooper a holiday card and he returned to work.

The trooper opened the card after his shift and discovered the cash inside.

Because troopers cannot accept gifts, the agency said it's now trying to get in touch with the woman to determine where the donation might be sent.

State Police have asked for help from the public to identify the anonymous donor.