Several thousand people visited St. Michael's Recreation Center, 298 Clinton Street in Binghamton yesterday for the annual St. Michael's Carpathian Festival.  Attendees enjoyed homemade Pirohi, Holubki, Haluchki, Kolbasi and Gulash along with strawberry shortcake and numerous other desserts.

I was there to do our remote broadcast  on the Barb Mack Show on News Radio 1290 WNBF and I enjoyed every minute of my time  there.   Father Jim Dutko and his parishioners put on a wonderful and uplifting party for the community every year at this time.  The Fall Festival has been a Church tradition at St. Michael's for so long no one is quite sure of the exact start date.

And it doesn't matter because every year has been outstanding.  Close your eyes for a moment when you enter the Recreation Center and you can turn back the hands of time....when we were all younger.  Memories of time spent with parents and grandparents come back into focus with the same wonderful aromas of Pirohi and Halupki waiting to be savored as when you were there as a child.  This is not to say it's all about the old memories.  Hundreds of young people and kids of various ages were there making memories for future years, too.

St. Michael's Carpathian Dancers entertained the crowd and Jeff Nyschot's Groove sang and played music for dancing and listening as well.  Our community is blessed with events like this one.  Each festival has its own niche and St. Michael's Carpathian Festival is one of our area's best !