Several thousand people are enjoying today's St. Michael's Carpathian Festival at the church's Recreation Center at 296 Clinton Street in Binghamton.  The Festival continues until 6 PM.

There was a line that stretched out the door of the Center before 11 AM which is when food became available.  Some were coming directly from church or wanted to get their food or take-out orders early.

The St. Michael's Carpathian Festival is usually held the last Sunday in September and celebrates the start of autumn.  Parishioners work countless hours preparing their home-made holubki, pirohi, haluski and goulash.  Over 700 dozen pirohi were prepared to today.

Along with the wonderful selection of food there is plenty of entertainment with the St. Michael's Carpathian Dancers performing and Jeff Nyschot's Groove entertaining as well. There are games for the kids and a number of door prizes that will be given away near the close of the day.