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Plans to fix up four Southern Tier School districts can move forward. 

Voters in Susquehanna Valley, Union Endicott, Windsor and Johnson City have approved capital projects costing millions of dollars. 

Projects range from repairs and lighting improvements to development of a new science wing in Johnson City. Windsor voters also approved replacing some aging buses.

Susquehanna Valley district officials announced their $3.2 million plan for work at Brookside Elementary, Richard T. Stank Middle School and the high school moved forward in a 199 to 47 vote.

Johnson City’s $17.8 million plans for upgrades to athletic facilities and the science wing also won easy approval with a vote of 597 to 154.

Union Endicott is clear to spend $7 million on work at all its buildings in an unofficial tally of 313 to 232.

Windsor’s renovations and bus purchases total $15.9 million. The renovations passed 246 to 103 while the bus replacement was approved in a vote of 251 to 82.