You might be able to buy a really big soda next spring at New York City restaurants, sports venues and street carts after all.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ban on the sale of some large sugar-sweetened drinks was scheduled to take effect in less than five months.

But the National Restaurant Association and other groups, including some unions, are fighting the measure. They've filed a lawsuit in state Supreme Court.

The suit contends the New York City Board of Health lacks the authority to impose the restriction, which would prohibit the sale of sugar-sweetened soda in containers larger than sixteen ounces.

The rule would apply only to certain businesses. Some opponents argue the exemptions also make the regulation unfair.

Since the Bloomberg plan was approved a month ago, there have been no signs other cities across New York State intend to follow suit.

As we've previously noted, Binghamton mayor Matthew Ryan -- who says he hasn't had a soda in 41 years -- had indicated he did not plan to propose a similar measure in the Parlor City.