A huge, historic building in Delaware County is in ashes following a six-alarm fire that drew over 300 firefighters from ten departments in three counties.

The fire at the former Rexmere Hotel in Stamford broke out late in the morning on March 25 and quickly spread through the five story, close to 116 year old building.

The structure had most recently been used as office space, but was vacant except for a couple of care-givers.

There were no injuries.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

The sprawling hotel, built in 1898, had been known as The Queen of the Catskills in its heyday.

It was a total loss in about an hour, but firefighters spent more than five hours at the scene dousing flames.

There had been plans to sell the building to a developer who had hoped to restore it.

Most of a permanent art collection that had been in the structure had just been moved a few days ago.