What's going on?

Counterfeit $100 Bill Passed
Authorities have released video of a man and woman who passed a counterfeit $100 bill at a Tioga County business.
A Smelly Mess on Route 17
A tractor-trailer veered into a highway median east of Binghamton, dumping tons of what witnesses described as a manure-like material.
Drug Arrest at Bus Station
Police say a man who possessed heroin and crack cocaine faces several felony charges after he was taken into custody at the bus station in downtown Binghamton.
"Justice Has Been Served"
The husband of a Binghamton woman fatally shot during a convenience store robbery says one of the men convicted in the case has not been granted parole.
Ely Park Golf Course Deal Criticized
Anthony Massar, a former Binghamton city councilmember, is criticizing efforts to hire a qualified manager for the city-owned Ely Park Golf Course.
Healthcare Worker Arrested
Johnson City police say a Binghamton woman has been arrested after she allegedly took cash and jewelry from a disabled resident.
Binghamton Church Burglarized
Binghamton police are investigating a burglary at a church which resulted in property being stolen and apparently significant damage.
New Look at the Roundabout
Several businesses are looking at space in a landmark downtown Binghamton office building that's getting a makeover.
A Big Bird in Binghamton
Some people staging a political protest used a big blow-up bird outside a courthouse in downtown Binghamton to get attention.