U.S. Senator Charles Schumer revealed on Monday an alarming number that one baby per hour is now being born addicted to prescription drugs or other opiates.

Schumer, who was joined by orange county doctors at St. Luke’s Cornwall, in Newburgh called on the FDA to change drug labels to clearly warn pregnant women of prescription painkillers dangers. The number of babies born addicted to prescription painkillers or other opiates has nearly tripled in the past decade, with prescription drugs fueling the increase, with one baby per-hour now born addicted, nationwide and at St. Luke’s Cornwall has seen a 300% jump.

Schumer urges substance abuse and mental health services administration to educate doctors to identify symptoms and to better treat cases; to call for more NIH & CDC research to help future moms avoid addiction.

Schumer said we must act now to reduce the alarming number of prescription drug-addicted infants.