Pennsylvania State Police are warning Northern Tier residents about another scam.Authorities in Towanda say an 82 year old woman was told by a male caller that if she sent $2,000 to a specific address, she would get $2.5 million and a new Lexis car.

The woman purchased money cards in Athens were the store clerks alerted police about what they suspected was a scam.

Police managed to contact the woman while she was on the telephone coordinating the money exchange and advised her not to give out the card numbers.

Troopers say the calls have been recorded coming from these phone numbers: (876) 873-7576, (347) 894-9078 with a caller ID 'Bidaxis' and (469) 317-7860 with a caller ID 'Visual Voice.'

Pennsylvania State Police are reminding people if they get a phone call asking them to send money to get more money in return, it is more than likely a scam. Do not give out card numbers, Social Security information or other personal information over the telephone or on-line and contact police if you get suspicious calls, mailings or emails.