Binghamton Mayor Matthew Ryan acknowledges it may take some time before truck drivers are comfortable maneuvering big rigs on the recently-opened roundabout.

Morning commuter traffic was tied up for awhile Tuesday morning after a tractor-trailer was not able to get through the Court Street intersection at Chenango and Exchange streets.

Ryan told WNBF's Binghamton Now program that the problem involved a very large rig.

The mayor -- speaking from the roundabout -- said "We need to do some education."

Ryan said truck drivers should be aware that the middle portion of the circle includes a truck apron, which bigger vehicles may use to navigate through the intersection.

The mayor said the city's fire trucks and other government-operated vehicles have made test drives through the roundabout and have encountered no problems.

A Binghamton Now caller who identified himself as a BC Transit bus driver said buses now are avoiding the roundabout and using other intersections to avoid any issues.

Traffic on Tuesday afternoon was moving smoothly through the roundabout area.

Work is continuing on the Court Street Gateway Project. Traffic patterns in the work zone frequently change throughout the day with temporary detours sometimes in place.

Final paving of the roundabout and nearby streets in expected to be done in a few weeks.