Binghamton mayor Matthew Ryan's comments supporting the legalization of marijuana have received attention both within and outside New York state.

During the mayor's appearance Tuesday on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Ryan elaborated on his position.

When a caller noted smoking either tobacco or marijuana can result in health problems, Ryan said: "Let's make one thing clear: I am not an advocate of pot smoking. I don't smoke myself. I have in the past, when I was younger... I'm not saying I won't if it gets legalized, when I get older and don't have anything better to do... Certainly, we're not advocating anything that will hurt people's health."

The mayor said the reality is that people do smoke marijuana, so the real question is whether it's "worth all the money we spend to try to prevent it."

Ryan pointed to the criminal activity that exists as a result of the illegal marijuana trade in the United States.

The mayor indicated he wouldn't have a problem "if people want to smoke a joint if it becomes legal." He said the use of alcohol causes far more damage to society than the use of marijuana.

Ryan's initial statement favoring marijuana legalization was made on Binghamton Now two weeks ago.