Binghamton mayor Matthew Ryan says the design of the downtown roundabout wasn't to blame for damage caused by a truck at the Court Street intersection.

The mayor blames the truck driver for Tuesday afternoon's incident, which knocked down several decorative fence posts and a caution sign. The incident also damaged some sidewalk bricks.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Ryan said the driver acknowledged he was listening to a GPS device as he was trying to navigate the roundabout.

Ryan said the device apparently was instructing the driver to "Turn right! Turn Right" or something to that effect.

The mayor asserted "this is not a guy that's driving prudently as a truck driver."

Ryan said: "If you can't drive this roundabout, you shouldn't have a license."

He said big trucks have been able to maneuver through the roundabout at Court, Chenango and Exchange streets without touching the concrete apron.

Ryan also said the city will seek compensation for the damage caused by the trucker.