Two candidates vying for a seat on the Broome County legislature have posted dozens of campaign lawn signs along a two-miles stretch of Riverside Drive in Binghamton and Johnson City.

Ron Heebner and Colleen McCabe are competing to represent the newly-drawn 11th district.

Heebner, a Johnson City Republican, is seeking re-election to the Legislature. McCabe, a Binghamton Democrat, works for the American Red Cross as a regional coordinator for a citizen preparedness program.

A recent count by WNBF News suggested about 60 signs for Heebner's candidacy were posted on Riverside Drive in Binghamton and Johnson City. McCabe appeared to have fewer signs along the heavily-traveled section of the city and village.

Heebner didn't want to talk about the importance of the signs in his campaign. He declined to say how many signs were erected throughout the district.

Heebner noted "signs don't vote" but they do create a buzz to call attention to his re-election bid.

McCabe told WNBF News that her campaign has put up about 150 signs. She said they're "fairly expensive."

McCabe suggested there's a point where a proliferation of signs doesn't bring much additional benefit to a campaign. She said after a certain number of signs have been placed, the "message gets muted."

McCabe also pointed out the number of signs a candidate has put out doesn't necessarily portend the outcome of an election.