More than three months after new parking spaces were made available in downtown Binghamton, plenty of drivers routinely ignore signs explaining how the system is supposed to work.

Diagonal "back-in" spaces were added as part of the Court Street Gateway Project.

But many vehicle operators persist in crossing to the opposite side of the street and pulling right into the spaces.

That poses a challenge when the drivers want to leave the space because the vehicle must back into traffic, endangering other motorists.

City spokesman Andrew Block told WNBF News tickets are being issued to violators in an effort to enforce the parking regulations.

Block noted people who disregard the rules cause "all sorts of traffic issues and safety problems."

Similar diagonal back-in parking spaces previously were installed on sections of Hawley Street and Conklin Avenue.

Some drivers have said they find the back-in format to be confusing and potentially hazardous. But city officials say the system affords greater safety because drivers are able to more easily see oncoming traffic when they're leaving a parking space.