Speaking on Southern Tier Close Up airing December 8th on News Radio 1290, WNBF, Program Manager for the Whitney Place supportive residence for homeless men in the Binghamton area, Rebecca Rathmell and Rescue Mission Program Director for Binghamton, Dan Seiberg, agree that attitudes regarding the causes of homelessness appear to be changing.

Rathemell says neighbors of Whitney Place in Binghamton have been very recieptive to the men living at the home since the facility opened two years ago. When the facility was first proposed, Rathmell admits there were many concerns and questions from surrounding residents but the presence of the facility has since become a 'non-issue.'

Sieberg says the Rescue Mission continues to address concerns about hunger and homlessness, changing lives and strengthening communities.

The Rescue Mission also operates Thrifty Shopper stores in Binghamton and a dozen other areas, offering merchandise ranging from home goods to clothing to support the Mission's programs.

Southern Tier Close Up airs Saturday afternoons at 12:10 on News Radio 1290 WNBF.

For more information about the Rescue Mission, visit www.lifechanging.org.