Goodwill Theatre CEO Naima Kradjian announced today that funding for renovations continues to come in as scheduled.  Plans are to have the area landmark open in three to four years.

The restoration of the Goodwill Theatre, 36 Willow Street in Johnson City, began 12 years ago when a group of volunteers formed non-profit status and created Articles of Incorporation.  When those were filed grant applications were submitted.  Later in 2000 the Goodwill Theatre Building was put on the National and NY State Register of Historic Places.

In 2006 full non-profit status was granted, a staff was hired and offices opened. Then in 2007 the Schorr Family Firehouse Stage opened.  Funded by the Schorr family, private donations and member items from Senator Tom Libous and Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, the facility now flourishes with performers from our area and many other parts of the country.

Now, Kradjian, her staff and volunteers have set their sights on the Godwill Theatre located next to the Schorr Family Firehouse Stage.  One portion of the plan is to design and build a connector for the two facilities.  Along with the restoration work is a plan to create an Academy to teach and groom young artists and performers.

Utilizing various grants and funding the group has been able to stabilize much of the exterior of the building and clean out the inside so the building can accommodate public tours.  Kradjian estimates a total of $20 million will be needed to complete the restoration project.