A noisy neighborhood dispute continues unabated in the town of Owego.

Patricia Barber said she and her family have lived in their home on a 36-acre parcel off Cafferty Lane in eastern Tioga County for several years.

Barber said it's a beautiful piece of property and it's been peaceful. But the tranquility was shattered on July 20. She said that's when a neighbor started using a propane-powered cannon, generating blasts near his blueberry bushes.

The cannon blasts apparently were supposed to keep birds away from the blueberries.

Barber said the racket is adversely affecting her family and others who live nearby. She said they now live in "terror."

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Barber said town of Owego officials and the Tioga County sheriff's office have been unable to help those whose lives have been disrupted by the noise.

Barber said: "It sounds like a nightmare."

She said her two children are upset by the ongoing blasts. She said they start at 6:35 every morning.

Barber said all town of Owego residents should be concerned because "it could happen anywhere in our town... not just here."

Owego town supervisor Donald Castellucci Jr. called Binghamton Now after Barber spoke.

Castellucci said town officials are working diligently to resolve the issue. He said it's "not an easy fix."

The supervisor said officials are working with the county district attorney's office and with code enforcement representatives on the matter.

Castellucci said officials have been researching the town code to determine how the issue can be addressed.

A frustrated Patricia Barber told WNBF News the propane cannon began blasting away again at 6:35 Friday morning.