Some bagels and muffins sold in the Binghamton area may have had a little something extra in them... and that's resulted in a recall.

Price Chopper Supermarkets of Schenectady reports a concern because of the "presence of naturally occurring foreign matter in the raisins" that doesn't meet the company's quality standards.

The recall is for Price Chopper Bakery Fresh bagels and muffins containing raisins. The affected items were produced and sold between December 14 and February 8.

People who have the products are advised to return them to a Price Chopper store for a refund.

Price Chopper spokeswoman Mona Golub told WNBF News the problem involves "grape vine particles" that were spotted in the bulk raisins used to produce bagels and muffins at in-store bakeries.

Golub said the particles were noticed as part of the regular quality checks used by Price Chopper. She said they were visible to the eye.

The raisins that contained the vine particles were from Pakistan. Golub said Price Chopper will use an alternate supplier until the cause of the problem can be determined.

Golub said the recall only pertains to specified fresh-baked bagels and muffins that were made using the bulk raisins. It does not affect packaged baked goods or raisins sold in the stores.

More information is available by contacting Price Chopper at 800.666.7667.