Tonight's Presidential debate in Denver, Colorado will be aired on ABC Radio and News Radio 1290 WNBF beginning at 9 PM.  Go to for a live blog hosted by Sean Holbert for reaction throughout the debate.  WNBF will also carry the Vice-Presidential debate on October 11 plus two additional Presidential debates on October 16 and 22.

With a nationwide television and radio audience every phrase, every gesture and the candidate's body language will be scrutinized.  Will President Barack Obama have the edge after serving nearly four years in office ?  Can Mitt Romney get his message through to undecided voters ?

One debate will not decide the election but it can begin to swing voters one way or the other.  Will there be one key to these debates ?  The Mideast, the economy, immigration, energy....all will be important topics.  By the end of tonight there could be a more clearly defined edge ?  Follow our blog tonight and talk about it tomorrow morning with Roger Neel and Bob Joseph on News Radio 1290 WNBF.

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