WNBF News /Roger Neel Photo

If you are like me and thousands of others you spent a large amount of time preparing for (and worrying about) Hurricane Sandy. Grocery stores, drug stores and hardware stores were as busy as any holiday shopping time.  Did you try to buy "C" or "D" batteries ?  If you were lucky enough to find them did you stock up on enough to last you for an extra long time ?

What about cases of water ?  They were flying off the shelves.  The same for non-perishable food items.  Better safe than sorry.  Did you try to find a generator ? They were in short supply as many who had put off getting one after last September's major flood decided that now was the time to make that purchase.

One thing I learned form our near miss of severe weather...I need to finish a number of things that got started but not completed after the flood in 2006 and last year.  I don't know if you can ever be ready or fully prepared for crisis weather and the force of Mother Nature.  But a near miss like this one does make you realize

that there is always more to do.

And as for the extra batteries, blanket and canned foods...they will get used...hopefully just not soon.  The bull's- eye was on a different target this time.  We may not be this lucky again.