Authorities say a young girl was kept in a make-shift cage in Bradford County for extended periods of time.

Pennsylvania State Police have charged a Dushore couple with false imprisonment of a child and endangering the welfare of a child.

Authorities say 55-year-old Mary Beth Frankenfield and 49-year-old Richard Frankenfield were arrested Thursday.

The girl, who has cerebral palsy, is said to have been locked in a crib that effectively was turned into a cage by screwing plywood over it.

The confinement was said to have started in December 2010 when the girl turned ten years old.

Police say the couple also forced the girl to spend lengthy periods in their bedroom closet, calling it the child's "bedroom."

The girl said the closet, which is said to have been locked, was about four-feet wide. It reportedly contained a mattress and some toys.

Investigators say the Frankenfields said they took the actions to prevent the girl "from getting into things."

The Frankenfields were sent to Bradford County Jail on $85,000 after a preliminary arraignment.