I've had requests to repeat this recipe from June, 2013, so here you go.

Pizza on the Grill (Prep time: 15 minutes)

1 ball pizza dough (from supermarket or your corner pizza shop)

2 C. mozzarella cheese

3 garlic cloves, finely minced

3 Tb. Olive oil

1 small can diced tomatoes

Desired toppings can include pepperoni, roasted vegetables, mushrooms…

Basil and oregano (fresh, if you have it, or dried)

Heat the grill to medium high. Use the oregano branches to lightly brush with olive oil (or use a traditional pastry brush)

Divide pizza dough into four portions. Brush one side with olive oil and place on hot grill. Brush the top with olive oil.  Allow the dough to cook until it starts to set and gets light grill marks. Flip and repeat. Remove dough from grill to assemble the toppings.

Important: the cheese has to go on first or it will not melt since the heat is coming from below. If you try to melt cheese on top, the crust will burn. Another tip: if you are using sliced mozzarella, cut it a little early an refrigerate. This will keep the moisture from the cheese from making the crust soggy.

Spoon tomato chunks on cheese and add remaining toppings. Sprinkle with oregano and basil. (If you are using fresh, tear the basil and strip the oregano leaves from the stalk.)

Return to the grill and close the lid.  Cook for about 3 minutes and check the bottom for desired darkness.  Total cooking time should be about 5 minutes or less.  If you feel your toppings need a little more heat, move to the upper rack of the grill, if you have one, or move to the cooler part of the grill.

I like a nice char on the crust for an authentic, brick-oven taste.  We also used whole wheat dough for our pizzas.. your preference.

The pizzas pictured are: Margarita (tomato, mozzarella, basil, oregano), Oven roasted red & green bell peppers, onions and portabella mushroom with tomato and mozzarella and a white pizza with mozzarella and American cheese, garlic and steamed broccoli.

Notice there are only three pizzas pictured.

Bonus ‘recipe’: Preheat oven to 420. Roll out the remaining leftover dough to about ¼ inch thick. Spoon leftover pizza toppings and cheese into the center. Wet the edges of the dough with water and fold into the middle, pinching the edges.  Bake until brown, cheese is melted and filling is bubbling.  Serve with a side of marinara sauce for dipping.