An ethics board has completed a review of contracts SUNY Broome awarded to a business owned by Binghamton mayoral candidate Richard David.

A Binghamton man filed a complaint with the Broome County Board of Ethics questioning catering contracts between the college and Terra Cotta in Binghamton.

In its decision, the board stated its review turned up two invoices between the college and Terra Cotta. The 2009 invoices totaled about $2800.

The board noted as an owner of Terra Cotta, David had an interest in the contracts. But, the board concluded, that didn't represent a prohibited conflict of interest.

The panel determined David, who was working for the college as public affairs officer, did not have the power to negotiate, authorize or approve such contracts.

The board said college employees indicated David was not involved in discussions regarding event catering and that he did not represent Terra Cotta in connection with the contracts.

The panel determined those contracts did not violate state law or the county ethics code.

David said it's "not uncommon for people to look for distractions as a campaign unfolds." He said all appropriate rules, policies and procedures were followed with regard to the business Terra Cotta did with the college. He said he was pleased with the ethics board's determination.