A Southside, Binghamton bar that was closed under the city’s nuisance ordinance is back in business.

Rock B Tavern on Conklin Avenue opened October 4 after being shut down four months ago following numerous complaints about criminal activity in and around the bar.

The owners of the tavern struck a deal with city officials that included eliminating disc jockey music and improving outdoor lighting.  There can be no illegal drugs or criminal activity found at the bar and police and code enforcement officers can drop in, unannounced, at any time in order for the bar to stay open.  The bar is being allowed to have a juke box for music.

If any of the terms of the agreement with the city are violated, the tavern could again be locked down for several months. The owner has said, however, if that happens, the bar may close for good.

The tavern is currently listed as up for sale.