People who drive in parts of Tioga County are being advised to look out for turtles.

In recent years, residents concerned for the safety of the snapping turtles that cross roadways in Owego have erected signs to warn motorists.

A few signs now are on place on Fifth Avenue -- State Route 17C -- in the village of Owego.

Police chief Karen Vinti Monday morning said she had not received any turtle-related reports so far this spring. But she noted this is the time of year that turtles often cross the roadway as they head toward the Susquehanna River.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Vinti urged drivers to keep an eye out for turtles and to slow down if they spot any.

The police chief said she was aware of no serious problems caused by turtles in the past.

Vinti said she's concerned that people who might try to provide assistance could be hurt by the snapping turtles or by being struck by vehicles.

One listener reported observing a "huge snapping turtle" crossing Day Hollow Road near the Lockheed Martin plant in the town of Owego Saturday afternoon.