A 12-story downtown Binghamton building that once was home to a newspaper could be turned into a residential tower.

Mark Yonaty of Greater Binghamton Development is expressing optimism about the future of the former Press Building at 19 Chenango Street. The property sustained heavy damage as the result of a 2010 fire at the neighboring Midtown Mall complex.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Yonaty said a downstate development group that appears interested in converting the building into a residential tower.

Yonaty said it's possible a mixed-use plan could be pursued. He said the principal member of the group hasn't shared much about what's being considered.

Yonaty said he would expect the developer now under contract with him to make a decision on the possible project within 30 to 60 days.

Yonaty said he has "a couple of backup offers" on the 109-year-old building if the developer decides not to move forward.