Some people who live on Binghamton's West Side are upset with tree pruning being done by a contractor hired by New York State Electric and Gas.

Crews working for Nelson Tree Service have been trimming trees along Riverside Drive and nearby streets.

City officials in March alerted residents to the planned pruning, noting the NYSEG program is designed to make tree-related power outages less likely.

Some West Side residents say they're angry with the way the trimming is being done, suggesting in some cases the work amounts to a "hack job."

Speaking on WNBF's Binghamton Now program Tuesday morning, Mayor Matthew Ryan said NYSEG has agreed to reroute some power lines in a couple of instances to protect particular trees.

But in most cases, Ryan said not much can be done to prevent trimming to help keep trees and limbs from coming into contact with power lines.

NYSEG is supposed to provide residents with advance notice before their trees are pruned.

People with questions about the process may contact NYSEG at 800.572.1111.

A NYSEG representative has been meeting regularly with the city Shade Tree Commission and other officials to trouble-shoot problems with the trimming program.