New York State Electric and Gas is urging customers to conserve energy as the hot, humid weather persists across the region.

NYSEG officials say they don't anticipate any problems in meeting power needs. Utility president Mark Lynch says NYSEG is monitoring the weather and the stress it's placing on the electricity delivery system.

NYSEG is encouraging customers to use fans instead of air conditioners. When air conditioners are used, the utility recommends the thermostat not be set lower than 78 degrees.

The company also is suggesting that unused lights, TVs, computers and electronic equipment be shut off to reduce power consumption.

NYSEG's peak summer load last summer was recorded on July 17, when customers used 3,078 megawatts of electricity.

The utility's all-time record peak load was about a year earlier - on July 21, 2011, when 3,346 megatwatts of electricity was used by NYSEG customers.