State Senator Diane Savino says a measure to allow New Yorkers to use marijuana for medicinal purposes may be passed by the Senate this year.

Savino, a Staten Island Democrat, says "we are certainly a lot closer now than ever" to approval of a medical marijuana bill by both houses of the legislature.

The big question now is whether Governor Andrew Cuomo would support such legislation.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Savino said the governor still has "a lot of concerns" about authorizing medical marijuana in New York.

Savino said she's hoping to meet with Cuomo to discuss the issues he believes should be addressed before he could support a bill.

Savino said the governor has indicated he understands the benefits but also is concerned about the potential risks if the state gives the OK for medicinal use of marijuana.

Savino said she's ready to meet with Cuomo when he's able to discuss the matter.

The Assembly has approved medical marijuana bills in the past but the legislation has never been approved by the Senate.

Some lawmakers are concerned about that marijuana will wind up being diverted to be sold on the street for non-medicinal use unless tight regulations are adopted.