Federal prosecutors say six members of a Charlotte, North Carolina-based stolen mail/counterfeit check cashing ring are admitting they stole corporate checks from mail boxes of businesses in Binghamton, Syracuse and Oswego and recruited homeless people, drug addicts and others to cash the stolen checks. In return, the ring paid those people a small portion of the proceeds.Jamaine Ryder of North Carolina, Wallik Ryder of Oswego, Diana Sacco of Fulton, Matthew Johnson of Syracuse and Charles Koflan of Pennelville, New York have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraid and commission of mail fraud.

Five other people have also entered guilty pleas and are either awaiting sentencing or are serving time

In 2010, when postal inspectors and the Dewitt police were closing in on members of the ring as they cashed stolen checks at Central New York banks, the suspects sped off, throwing $18,000 from the vehicle.  Authorities recovered the money.