Health insurance exchange program sign ups are underway and officials in New York and Pennsylvania are among those ramping up efforts to educate consumers, health care professionals and even the advocacy organizations that are poised to help people to enroll.

In New York, monthly premiums range from $134 for a limited coverage plan offered in the Rochester area to a select platinum coverage plan at $900 for Long Island.  Residents are encouraged to go online to see what plans are offered in their region. 16 nonprofit and commercial insurers are offering rate for 2014.


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Officials in Pennsylvania say many people don't know about the process, how to shop in the online marketplace or the enrollment timeframe.

The federally run health insurance exchange enrollment begins October 1st with coverage going into effect January 1st.  The first round of enrollment, however, lasts until March 31st.  Because of that, agencies assisting in the process say they don't expect a huge crush of the uninsured rushing to sign on in the first few days.