One of the first acts of Binghamton's new mayor is to change the times municipal employees get to go home.

Two days before being sworn in as mayor, Rich David said on WNBF’s Binghamton Now that he planned to change the operating hours at City Hall.

January 3rd David announced City Hall would be open to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday starting Monday, January 6.

Until now, City Hall has been closed to the public starting at 3:45 p.m. with the offices closed at 4.

Those hours were based on court hours that end at 4 p.m. and the fact that the New York State Court System provides the screening and security on the first floor during court hours.

Under the new hours, the Binghamton Police Department will take over when the Court screeners end their shift at 4, so building security won’t be compromised during the last hour. The Mayor says that detail will be conducted with existing officers in the building and no patrols will be taken off the streets.

Mayor David also announced that offices will not be closed to the public during the noon lunch hour to provide better access to residents.

David said he was bothered by City Hall offices being unavailable to the public during the lunch hour or at the end of the work day when many working residents would have the time to conduct their business with the City.

David adds the Broome County Office Building has also been open to the public until 5 p.m.