Kathy Whyte welcomes her 26th foster greyhound, this one is a beautiful, big brindle boy and seems to enjoy long hugs.

We just call him 'Q.' You know? Like the James Bond gadget guy?

Q's about five years old and seems very calm. He totally ignores the cats but is tall enough that he can reach things in the sink. He's also a crazy, fast eater, even when fed in the special bowl designed to slow fast eaters down.

Quashi has just set paws over the threshold of the 'Whyte House,' so more updates will be coming.

Of course, he will be making personal appearances at the regular Monica's Heart meet and greets: the first Saturday of the month at Tractor Supply in Vestal and the second Sunday of the month at Creature Comforts in the Northgate Plaza on Upper Front Street.

More information on adoptable former racing greyhounds and the Monica's Heart adoption group is available at www.monicasheart.com.