Today, millions of Americans are pausing to remember those lives who were lost on this date in 2001.  Eleven years have passed since terrorists hijacked four planes and crashed into the World Trade Center Towers in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington, D C and caused the deaths of 40 passengers who took down their plane before it could reach another target.  Even though it has been over a decade since those tragic events, the memories of that day remain clear.  Here at WNBF we were on the air wrapping  up the early morning First News segment.  The weather was similar to today...sunny, blue skies and clear.  The first indication of something wrong came shortly before 9 AM when our colleague Mo Taylor was getting ready to produce our daily talk show...Talk With Tony.  I could hear his reaction to television reports that a plane had crashed into one of the Trade Center Towers.

At first I thought it must be a small plane...perhaps a pilot got confused or there was trouble with a sight-seeing plane.  But it became obvious in the following minutes when a second plane hit the other Tower that this was not a mistake.  The City if not the United States was under attack. I recall the confusion, the feeling of being stunned.  What was happening ? What was coming next ?  In the following hours it became all too apparent our lives would never be the same.  With continuous  coverage from our WNBF news team, ABC News and other sources we learned that close to three thousand were killed, millions of dollars in structures were destroyed and the safety of Americans must never again be taken for granted.  Whether you attend a memorial service today or quietly reflect on the events that happened on this date, I hope you take a moment to remember those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 and the families and friends left behind.  And, give a special thanks to those both home and abroad who are risking their lives to protect us against another tragedy like this.