A Binghamton man has been arrested in connection with a hit-and-run incident in which a city police captain was seriously hurt.

Authorities say 28-year-old Terence Meehan has been charged with leaving the scene of a personal injury accident and unregistered motor vehicle.

Police say Meehan was arrested at about 2:30 Monday afternoon.

Investigators say Meehan was driving to work when Captain John Chapman was struck by a vehicle at North Shore Drive and Washington Street. Chapman was walking to city police headquarters when he was hit at about 7:40 a.m.

According to witnesses, a black vehicle that appeared to be a Chevrolet Avalanche was driving south on Washinton Street. It turned east onto North Shore Drive and struck Chapman, who was in the crosswalk.

After the police captain was hit, the vehicle accelerated and headed east.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Police chief Joseph Zikuski said Chapman was being treated at Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City late Monday afternoon.

Zikuski told WNBF News that Chapman appeared to have sustained back injuries. There appeared to be no head injuries.

The chief said it appears Chapman will make a full recovery. He said: "We're hoping so."

Zikuski said Meehan was taken into custody around 12:15 p.m. in a parking lot outside Tully's restaurant in Vestal.

The police chief said Meehan was with the vehicle that investigators believe hit Chapman. The vehicle has been impounded.

Investigators say they determined alcohol was not a factor in the incident. They say Meehan was driving to work when Chapman was struck.