A man accused of having drugs in his possession did nothing to help make himself inconspicuous to authorities.

Binghamton Police were call with a complaint shortly before 9 in the morning of July 6 at Eaton Place when they heard fireworks.  Upon investigating, police say they found 44 year old Joaquin Molina-Cartagena setting off fireworks in the parking lot.

Police say they found Molina-Cartagena had an outstanding warrant for drug possession.  As they were taking him into custody, a package of heroin fell out of his pants and onto the ground.

Authorities say Molina-Cartagena had 209 envelopes of heroin concealed in the front of his pants.

The Binghamton man is charged with felony criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawfully dealing with fireworks in addition to the Binghamton drug warrant.