While hundreds of people were enjoying their pancakes yesterday at Endwell Rotary Club's annual pre-election breakfast a number of Maine-Endwell High School students were working with Rotary members to wait on customers and clean tables.  Another group of M-E students was on hand to promote and sell items for "Sparta Products", a business created by Mrs. Keenan's marketing class.  "Sparta Products" is operated by 18 members of her class.  They sell souvenirs and other products to promote Maine-Endwell and raise money for their business.

This is not just a casual operation but an actual class project to create a successful business.  How seriously do they take it ?  They sell stock in the company and provide shareholders with a return on their investment if a profit is made.

Headed up by CEO Madeline Flesher and CFO Samantha Wilks, "Sparta Products" takes surveys among other M-E students to see what items would be popular to sell.  At Atrio Catering where the pancake breakfast was going on marketing class members were selling drawstring bags and air fresheners.

They have lined up several area businesses who have invested in "Sparta Products" and they don't buy anything until they can cover the cost of items purchased.  "Sparta Products" is a Jr. Achievement Company.