Now college students can great a great education and live in luxury in Binghamton.  20 Hawley Street in Binghamton is currently home to about 290 Binghamton University students and with a home like this I would be hard-pressed to leave to go to class or anywhere else.  The building is the former Marine Midland Bank Building and is within a few feet of the Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena. I was on my way by there the other day and noticed people going in and out so I stopped for a moment to look in and see what was happening.  What's is happening is an incredibly beautiful luxury student housing complex.  What caught me eye first was a huge workout room complete with weight-training machines and the latest in aerobic trainers.  This is open to any resident 24 hours a day.  A few feet past the front desk is 20 Hawley Cinemas...yes the resident's own movie theater !  It can seat about 35 and students regularly meet there after class, at night or on weekends and watch football or movies of their choice....right in their own building !  They have a large lounge indoors and plenty of space outdoors to enjoy Fall and Spring weather.  Resident's rooms are spacious with separate bedrooms.and plenty of kitchen space.  Combine all this with underground parking and access to the new and nearby Binghamton University Downtown Center and you have an amazing place to live.