The annual Lourdes Basket Raffle drew lots of attention from shoppers in the Oakdale Mall this weekend.  48 different themed gift baskets were on display at Center Court in the Oakdale Mall.  Volunteers staffed the display throughout the weekend giving people the chance to purchase raffle tickets to win various gift baskets loaded with items.

There were baskets for people with babies, car repair items, wines, fine dining and two that garnered plenty of attention.  One loaded with lottery ticket scratch offs and another valued at $1100 cash.

Lourdes Basket Raffle started in the Lourdes Hospital Cafeteria from April 8 - 11 and returns to the Cafeteria Monday April 14 - Wednesday April 16.  This year charitable organizations receiving a portion of the proceeds from the Basket Raffle include:  The American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association and the Rescue Mission.